Before Getting Started

Impromptu is a Lisp language environment. More specifically a Scheme environment (a member of the Lisp family of languages). The Impromptu tutorials do not provide information on the Scheme language. For a brief introduction look here, here or here. For full texts look here, here and here.

Getting Started

If this is your first time using impromptu you can watch a VERY brief video introduction here

Making it go Bing
Write your first Impromptu program

Impromptu Basics
A brief run though some Impromptu basics. A must read!

An introduction to timing in Impromptu. A must read!


Making A Noise
An introduction to making sound in Impromptu. A must read!

Making More Noise
A tutorial covering Audio Input, 3D Sound and Recording to Disk.

Vector Graphics

An introduction to using MIDI and OSC in Impromptu.

Image and Video

Introductory Movie 26:52/180M

An introductory tutorial movie covering basic image and live video manipulation.

Making Music

Making Music
A series of tutorials looking at basic musical structures in Impromptu. These are a work in progress and are likely to change regularly so check back often. If you have any suggestions for improvements/things you'd like to see included let me know.

Objective-C and Extending Impromptu

ObjC Bridge
Basic introduction to calling ObjC from Scheme.

3D with OpenGL

Introductory Movie 19:08/63M

A very gentle introduction to OpenGL in Impromptu.