Impromptu is being developed by Andrew Sorensen.

Twitter: @digego


The Impromptu Scheme interpreter was initially based on the TinyScheme interpreter written by Dimitrios Souflis but has since been substantially rewritten. TinyScheme was inturn based on the MiniSCHEME interpreter written by Akira Kida and Atsushi Moriwaki.
TinyScheme License
TinyScheme Homepage


Impromptu uses parts of the LLVM project for compilation to x86. LLVM comes courtesy of the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
LLVM License
LLVM Homepage

DFX AU Utilities

Impromptu uses parts of Marc Genung Poirier's DFX AU Utilities

DFX AU Utilities License
DFX AU Utilities Homepage


Impromptu uses parts of Satoshi Nakagawa's CocoaOniguruma.

CocoaOniguruma Copyright (c) 2008-2010 Satoshi Nakagawa This version of CocoaOniguruma contains a part of Oniguruma 5.9.2 source code.

CocoaOniguruma is released under The New BSD License CocoaOniguruma Homepage

Andrew Wrights Scheme Pattern Matching System

Impromptu includes Andrew Wrights Scheme pattern matching System. Andrew's Library is in the Public Domain.

Andrew Wright's Pattern Match