(start-sound time au pitch volume)


Sends a start sound event to an audiounit supporting the extended AU note api. pitch values are real numbers where decimals represent cents (i.e. 60.25 is a middle C+25 cents). volume is also a real number value.  NOTE: this only works with audiounits supporting the extended AudioUnit Note API (at the present the only AU I know that supports this is apples DLS). If your AU does not support this use the standard start-note function instead.


          pitch -- a real number value where decimal numbers are in cents (i.e. 60.25 is C+25cents)

         volume -- real number volume

             au -- an aumu or augn

           time -- in samples

Returns: a unique integer note-index which must be passed to stop-sound to stop the sound

Related: stop-sound au:midi-out 


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