(au:midi-out time au type channel a b)


sends a midi message to an audiounit


              a -- byte a of the message (integer 0-127)

        channel -- the midi channel

              b -- byte b of the message (integer 0-127)

             au -- audiounit to send midi message to

           type -- the type of message *io:midi-on* *io:midi-off* *io:midi-cc* *io:midi-pc*

           time -- time in samples

Returns: boolean

Related: io:osc-receive io:osc-send io:midi-in io:midi-out 


; send midi note on pitch 60 velocity 80

(au:midi-out (now) piano *io:midi-on* 0 60 80)

; send midi control change 23 with value 90

(au:midi-out (now) piano *io:midi-cc* 0 23 90)

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