(au:disconnect-node au1 input-bus)


disconnects an audiounit's input-bus from any

  current connection. new connections can now be made to the

  disconnected bus before a call to au:update-graph is



      input-bus -- the bus to connect connections too

            au1 -- audiounit who's input bus will be disconnected

Returns: boolean

Related: au:update-graph au:print-audiounits au:set-param

au:print-params au:get-param au:clear-graph au:print-graph

au:connect-node au:disconnect-node 


(define inst1 (au:make-node "aumu" "dls " "appl"))

(define inst2 (au:make-node "aumu" "dls " "appl"))

(define reverb (au:make-node "aufx" "mrev" "appl"))

(define mixer (au:make-node "aumx" "smxr" "appl"))

(au:connect-node inst1 0 reverb 0)

(au:connect-node reverb 0 mixer 0)

(au:connect-node inst2 0 mixer 1)

(au:connect-node mixer 0 *au:output-node* 0)


(play-note (now) inst2 72 80 *second*)

; now add a reverb for inst2

(au:disconnect-node mixer 1)

(define reverb2 (au:make-node "aufx" "mrev" "appl"))

(au:connect-node inst2 0 reverb2 0)

(au:connect-node reverb2 0 mixer 1)


(play-note (now) inst2 72 80 *second*)

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