(au:connect-node au1 au1-output-bus au2 au2-input-bus)


connects one audiounit to another in series. The two

  units are connected by connecting the output-bus of the

  first audiounit to the input bus of the second

  audiounit. busses are numbered starting from 0. audiounits

  can be connected, disconnected, re-connected in real-time

  only taking effect once au:update-graph is called


 au1-output-bus -- the output-bus to send the audio signal on

  au2-input-bus -- the input-bus to receive the audio signal on

            au1 -- the audiounit sending the audio signal

            au2 -- the audiounit receiving the audio signal

Returns: boolean

Related: au:update-graph au:clear-graph au:disconnect-node

au:print-graph au:make-node au:print-graph 


(define instrument (au:make-node "aumu" "dls " "appl"))

(define reverb (au:make-node "aufx" "mrev" "appl"))

(define mixer (au:make-node "aumx" "smxr" "appl"))

(au:connect-node instrument 0 reverb 0)

; connect reverb to mixer input bus 5

(au:connect-node reverb 0 mixer 5)

(au:connect-node mixer 0 *au:output-node* 0)



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