;; Create an xml library using cocoa's NSXML library

;; Use the runtime objc bindings to create and message objc objects


;; Create a list structure for represeting xml in scheme

;; Output valid musicxml to /tmp/score.xml




;;  XML OBJC Library Code

(define *xml:invalid-kind* 0)

(define *xml:document-kind* 1)

(define *xml:element-kind* 2)

(define *xml:attribute-kind* 3)

(define *xml:comment-kind* 6)

(define *xml:text-kind* 7)

; where dtd is an optional url string

(define xml:document-create

   (lambda dtd

      (let ((xmldoc (objc:make "NSXMLDocument" "init")))

         (if (not (null? dtd))

             (let* ((url (objc:call "NSURL" "URLWithString:" (car dtd)))

                    (dtdref (objc:make "NSXMLDTD" "initWithContentsOfURL:options:error:" url 0 0)))

                (objc:call xmldoc "setDTD:" dtdref)

                (objc:call xmldoc "setStandalone:" #f)))

         (objc:call xmldoc "setVersion:" "1.1")

         (objc:call xmldoc "setCharacterEncoding:" "UTF-8")


; load xml from an existing document located at path

(define xml:load-document

   (lambda (path)

      (objc:make "NSXMLDocument" "initWithContentsOfURL:options:error:" 

                   (objc:call "NSURL" "fileURLWithPath:" path) 0 0)))

; set document root node

(define xml:set-root-node

   (lambda (xmldoc xmlnode)

      (objc:call xmldoc "setRootElement:" xmlnode)))

; gets the documents root node

(define xml:get-root-node

   (lambda (xmldoc)

      (objc:call xmldoc "rootElement")))

; returns the type of the node

(define xml:get-node-type

   (lambda (xmlnode)

      (objc:call xmlnode "kind")))

; returns the name of the node

(define xml:get-node-name

   (lambda (xmlnode)

      (objc:nsstring->string (objc:call xmlnode "name"))))

; returns the value associated with a text node or attribute node

(define xml:get-node-value

   (lambda (xmlnode)

      (objc:nsstring->string (objc:call xmlnode "stringValue"))))

;where name is a string and text if provided is a string

(define xml:element-create

   (lambda (name . text)

      (if (null? text)

          (objc:call "NSXMLNode" "elementWithName:" name)

          (objc:call "NSXMLNode" "elementWithName:stringValue:" name (car text)))))

; where parent and child are both elements

(define xml:add-child

   (lambda (parent child)

      (objc:call parent "addChild:" child)))

; add text node to element (can be either a number or a string)

(define xml:gfx:add-text

   (lambda (element text)

      (objc:call element "setStringValue:" text)))

; get all child nodes

(define xml:get-children

   (lambda (element)

      (objc:call element "children")))

;where name and value are both strings

(define xml:attribute-create

   (lambda (name value)

      (objc:call "NSXMLNode" "attributeWithName:stringValue:" name value)))

; add attribute to element

(define xml:add-attribute

   (lambda (element attribute)

      (objc:call element "addAttribute:" attribute)))

; get all attribute nodes

(define xml:get-attributes

   (lambda (element)

      (objc:call element "attributes")))

; get parent node

(define xml:get-parent

   (lambda (element)

      (objc:call element "parent")))

; return the xmldocument as a text string

(define xml:document->string

   (lambda (xmldoc)

      (let* ((str (objc:call xmldoc "XMLStringWithOptions:" 131072))

             (ret (objc:nsstring->string str)))


; return a node set from xpath query

(define xml:xpath

   (lambda (xmlnode xpath-exp)

      (objc:call xmlnode "nodesForXPath:error:" xpath-exp 0)))

;; End of OBJC library section




; utility to read in an xml file and convert to custom nested list structure

(define xml:xml->tree

   (lambda (xmldoc)

      (let loop ((node (xml:get-root-node xmldoc)))

         ;(print 'top node)

         (cond ((= (xml:get-node-type node) *xml:element-kind*)

                ;(print 'element node)

                (append (list (string->symbol (xml:get-node-name node)))

                        (map (lambda (node)

                                (loop node))

                             (append (objc:nsarray->list (xml:get-attributes node))

                                     (objc:nsarray->list (xml:get-children node))))))

               ((= (xml:get-node-type node) *xml:text-kind*)

                ;(print 'text node)

                (xml:get-node-value node))

               ((= (xml:get-node-type node) *xml:attribute-kind*)

                ;(print 'attr node)

                (cons (string->symbol (xml:get-node-name node))

                      (xml:get-node-value node)))

               (else (print-notification "ignoring node" node))))))

; utility function to walk over a custom nested list structure xml representation (see below)

(define xml:tree->xml

   (lambda (xmltree)

      (let ((xmldoc (xml:document-create))

            (root (xml:element-create (symbol->string (car xmltree)))))

         (xml:set-root-node xmldoc root)

         (let loop ((tree (cdr xmltree))

                    (parent root))

            (for-each (lambda (node)

                         (cond ((list? node)

                                (let ((element (xml:element-create (symbol->string (car node)))))

                                   (xml:add-child parent element)

                                   (loop (cdr node) element)))

                               ((pair? node)

                                (xml:add-attribute parent (xml:attribute-create (symbol->string (car node))

                                                                                (if (number? (cdr node))

                                                                                    (number->string (cdr node))

                                                                                    (cdr node)))))

                               ((string? node)

                                (xml:gfx:add-text parent node))

                               ((number? node)

                                (xml:gfx:add-text parent (number->string node)))))      



;; End of helper functions


; define an xml document using a scheme friendly list structure

; lists for elements, pairs for attributes and values, literals for text nodes and attribute values 

(define xml-tree

   '(element-a (attribute-1 . 1.1)

               (element-aa (element-aaa (attribute-1 . "Hi")

                                        (attribute-2 . "Welcome"))

                           (element-aab (attribute-1 . 5555)

                                        "Text Node"))

               (element-ab (attribute-1 . "Tuesday")


; convert xml-tree into xmldoc

(define xmldoc (xml:tree->xml xml-tree))

(define xmltext (xml:document->string xmldoc))

(print xmltext)

; output to xml file 

(io:delete-file "/tmp/test.xml")

(define output-port (open-output-file "/tmp/test.xml"))

(display xmltext output-port)

(close-port output-port)

; now read document back in

(define xmldoc-in (xml:load-document "/tmp/test.xml"))

(define xml-tree-in (xml:xml->tree xmldoc-in))

(print xml-tree-in)