Download Impromptu

Work on Impromptu ceased at OSX 10.6. Work has continued on the Extempore project.

Download Impromptu version 2.5 (Intel Only) for OSX 10.5-10.6 impromptu_2.5.dmg

Download Impromptu version 1.5 (Universal Binary) for OSX 10.5 impromptu_1.5.dmg

Download Impromptu version 1.2 (Universal Binary) for OSX 10.4 impromptu_1.2.dmg

AudioUnits! As of version 1.3 Impromptu includes a set of AudioUnits. If you wish to use them you will need to copy them into your plugins folder. ~/Library/Audio/Plug-Ins/Components/. You can find them in the DMG file.

Keybindings! Impromptu Requires Apple keybindings. A DefaultKeyBinding.dict file is included in the dmg (or here if I forgot to put it in the DMG :-)). Certain impromptu keyboard shortcuts rely on this file which you will need to install in ~/Library/KeyBindings/DefaultKeyBinding.dict. If the directory ~/Library/KeyBindings does not exist just create it yourself.

If for some reason the keybindings don't work correctly for you (you have an international keyboard for example) then you can edit the keybindings file to change the keybindings to something that is suitable for you.

New Users: I strongly suggest that you take a look at the tutorials the gallery the FAQ and the examples (not necessarily in that order).

Please let me know if you find any bugs! Andrew Sorensen

There is an impromptu mailing list. You can join here


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Reports/Unpublished Stuff

Sorensen, A (2009) "Impromptu: a few noes on implementation" some up-to-date notes on impromptu's implementation. Download

Sorensen, A (2010) "Impromptu Compiler Runtime" Some user notes for the Impromptu compiler. Impromptu Compiler Runtime